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Episode 78 – Hollywood Fringe Fest 2018 – Weeks Two & Three Reviews

In this episode, we learn that Russell is a theatre junkie that is constantly looking for his fix. We talk about the record setting number of shows he’s seen over the last couple of weeks of the Hollywood Fringe Fest.

Hollywood Fringe Fest has come to a close for this year, but you STILL have the chance to see more shows! Extensions are being announced for many of the shows, check out the official Hollywood Fringe Festival website for schedule information.

With close to four hundred shows in the festival, June proved to be a thrilling, emotional and challenging month. We hope you managed to see something that made you laugh or cry or lifted your spirits! (Or completely emotionally devastated you… you know… if you are into that sort of thing, haha!)

For the written reviews of the shows we talk about in this podcast, please check out our Week Two reviews, as well as our Week Three reviews.


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Episode 77 – Hollywood Fringe Fest 2018 – Week One Reviews

Hollywood Fringe Fest is well underway! In the first official week of Fringe, we saw some more shows! If something sounds interesting to you, make sure you get a ticket sooner than later as many runs are already becoming sold out! To read the written reviews of the shows in this podcast, please CLICK HERE.


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Episode 76 – Hollywood Fringe Fest 2018 – Preview Week Reviews

In this episode, we talk about all preview shows we’ve seen at Hollywood Fringe Fest. This podcast is a companion piece to our written reviews. We talk a bit more in depth about the shows and the emotions we felt in some.


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