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Episode 41 – The Cabin, Tortured Souls, The Axe, and The Lust Experience

In this episode, we go to check out a new escape room called the Cabin, which is part of The Room – Live Escape Room LA. We took a trip through Purgatory with “Tortured Souls” at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. Then a trip back to Kansas for the 2nd Chapter of the Kansas Collection, called “The Axe” put on by The Speakeasy Society. Finally, we talk about The Lust Experience! It’s started and we already met a fine chap named Noah Sinclair.

New shows and tickets on sale for To The Wild from the Shine On Collective as well as a remount of Fear is What We Learned Here put on by Screenshot Productions.


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Episode 40 – Box of Dread, Escape Rooms, and Fun Things Coming Up!

In this episode, we talk about the latest Box of Dread we received (Full Moon themed!). We go to the escape room meet up and learn about new companies such as Stash House and Escape Chronicles and also new rooms opening at Exit Game as well as 13th Room! We have a discussion about whether you should be penalized for doing many rooms and supporting a company many times. Mike nerds out over Resident Evil 7 and Emily Wants to Play and gets virtually frightened. There’s new things on the horizon that you’ll want to pay attention to such as Illicitus Theatre in Las Vegas as well as The Tension Experience follow up, The Lust Experience (starting soon?). This weekend, The Speakeasy Society brings back “The Key” one last time before moving onto Chapter 2 of the Kansas Collection, The Axe, starting next weekend. Annie Lesser’s ABC Project‘s C(ovell) is now on sale. Zombie Joe announced a new immersive event for this month as well called “Tortured Souls”.


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