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Episode 28 – Delusion, Sinister Pointe, IndieCade, and Coffin Creek…Oh My!

We finally get to experience a couple things that weren’t around last year. We first hit up Delusion’s “His Crimson Queen”, which has been one of the most anticipated works since we found out that they were coming back! The next night, we went to Sinister Pointe’s “Fear the Mark” and experience 4 different realms and 4 different demons. We made a quick return trip to Motel 6 Feet Under. Then we went to IndieCade’s Night Games for a night of immersive samplers (curated by Noah from No Proscenium). We were able to experience something new from The Speakeasy Society and Annie Lesser’s ABC Project. We ended the weekend by heading over to Coffin Creek…and they admitted us into their Insane Asylum!


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Episode 27 – Las Vegas Haunts and Escape Rooms!

In this episode, we head to boo-tiful Las Vegas! We spent the weekend doing amazing haunts such as Hotel Fear/Asylum and Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror! In our down time, we escape from Lockdown Rooms’ “Mob Room”, the new Basement that opened up, as well as Xtreme Escape’s “The Great Escape”. Enjoy this turn around trip of terror!


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The Tension Experience: Ascension – Spoiler Free Review

The Tension Experience Ascension

The Tension Experience: Ascension has arrived!

Wonder what that odd crashing sound you heard in the background of your life was this weekend? That was the sound of every theatrical norm in the city of Los Angeles being destroyed. Ascension sets out to break molds and redefine what a theatrical experience might be for a willing and game participant.

Arriving like some mischievous, rambunctious child set out to conquer, destroy, and take over the playground before it, this thing is thrillingly ambitious and daringly provocative.

The question is not whether you should go, the question is…


Since it was first announced, this event refused to set boundaries or clearly define what it was going to be. It didn’t call itself a haunted house and it didn’t call itself immersive theatre. They claimed it was a mixture of both of those things and more. Having gone through it, finally, I dare to define it as an immersive theatre piece unlike any other. It boldly uses haunt and escape room techniques in a manner that is guaranteed to deliver on the title. This isn’t a straight drama. It isn’t a horror piece. To call it a thriller might be getting a little bit closer to the point – but does not do the piece justice.

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