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Episode 18Scare LA just finished their 4th year of Halloween and horror goodness! This convention was jam packed full of haunts, panels, and fun! After Midsummer Scream, we wondered if this town is big enough for two Halloween/Horror conventions. The answer, in our opinion, is a HELL YES! Check out our almost 3 hours of Scare LA adventures!

We start off our weekend by attending The Tension Experience panel. After that, we head over to try Get The F Out/The Virus‘ mini escape, then head over to check out Creep‘s teaser and love it, then we have our feelings and motions messed with at The Shine On Collective‘s “Devoted: Together”, we try to collect all of the tokens from Screenshot Production‘s “The Rope”, we get a taste of the extreme with HERETIC, Russell goes to a panel about the Science of Fear with Margee Kerr, Mike checks out some exhibits from the Hollywood Horror Museum, and then day one ends with a bang because of the amazing Todd Robbins.

Day Two starts with us meeting a preacher and going through the Blood Witch maze, then back to back panels with The Masterminds of Interactive Horror panel featuring six of LA’s haunts/experiences and following that, The Blackout Experiments/Blackout panel. After the panels, we were looking for THEMUSHINOFTHEASHENDEERCLAN thanks to Alone, we caught the Indie Movie panel, Mike finishes of the mini haunt area, and Russell checks out Virtual Screams!

Featuring interviews with Bob of Get The F Out/The Virus (with a special guest drop in from Damian of 60 Out!) as well as Adrian and Paul of HERETIC!


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Masterminds of Interactive Horror Panel from Scare LA 2016

This panel was fantastic! We had 6 of some of the most experimental and immersive haunts and experiences in Los Angeles. From theatrical to extreme experiences, this panel covers the gambit of immersive haunts in LA. Get inside the minds of the creators of the attractions we all love so much.

From the ScareLA description: “Immerse yourself in our nightmares! Six Masterminds of Interactive Horror join on the ScareLA stage this August – the creators of Delusion: Interactive Horror & Suspense Theatre, Alone: An existential haunting, Heretic Haunted House, The 17th Door Haunted House, Creep Los Angeles and Screenshot Productions will discuss the new wave of horror – immersive live experiences. These pioneers have risen to fame with their story-driven interactive theatrical attractions creating worlds so scary they feel real! Horror you can touch… and sometimes it touches YOU…

This ULTIMATE scare panel is moderated by Jon Schnitzer, Director/Producer of Haunters The Movie, a documentary exploring the rise of horror attractions from Halloween haunted houses to full-contact extreme simulations. Go behind the scenes with the infamous haunters who sacrifice everything just to make you scream…”

Check out the Los Angeles Haunt Calendar for events by day!