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Episode 49 – 60 Out, Our Freakling Brother Warren, Revisiting The Nest, Box of Dread, and The Lust Experience: Payback and Companions

In this episode, we head to 60 Out to do two of their escape rooms at their Melrose location (Grandma’s Masterplan and The Hangover). Russell heads to Vegas and is able to meet up with and have a short interview with one of our favorite tormentors, Warren Ross, of the Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror/The Victim Experience. While is Vegas, Russell also goes to Spy School as well as “Hand to God” at Majestic Repertory. He also makes a return visit to Scout Expedition Company‘s “The Nest“. We open the newest Box of Dread live!

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Episode 48 – Part 2 – The Lust Experience – The (Faux)cus Group

In part 2 of episode 48, we talk about all the things that’s happened within The Lust Experience. Calls, meet ups, focus groups, Noah Sinclair, Sarah Sinclair, and a new person is met….Otis Fletcher.

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Episode 48 – Part 1 – The Fools Festival, Evil Genius Escape Rooms, The Nest, and The Door

Episode 48 will be split up into two parts. The first part will be reviews of all the things we’ve done recently and the second part will be all about The Lust Experience and what’s happened since our last podcast.

In this episode we got mail with Box of Dread and it was a zombie theme! We were treated with sideshow performers at a haunted theatre in Santa Ana at The Fools Festival. We escaped from Occam’s Apartment and the Norcross Art Gallery at Evil Genius Escape Rooms. We encountered a next level type of story telling in a beautiful immersive environment with Scout Expedition Company‘s “The Nest“. We return to Kansas to enter “The Door”, which is Chapter 3 of Speakeasy Society‘s “Kansas Collection”. Then we shoot over to Pasadena to encounter horror, monsters, and special fx…OH MY….at Monsterpalooza. We also give you a run down of what happened with the Black Matter Foundation.

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