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Episode 86 – The 2018 Haunt Season Wrap Up

In this episode, we wish a fond farewell to the 2018 haunt season. We catch up on all the things we’ve done in the last episode including Mike’s trip back to Boston to experience “Fall” (that’s a season!). Before that trip, we see the last Dirty Tricks of the year with the New Bad Boys of a Magic. Russell gets stranded on Boney Island and is saved and escorted out by a Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. We return to Theatre Macabre before they close their curtains. While half of My Haunt Life is on the other coast, Russell is able to see Force of Nature Productions “Fallen Saints”, then visits the world’s tiniest haunted house at Starmakers Costumes, and is able to attend some home haunts including Rotten Apple 907, The Farm, and Van Oaks Cemetery. If that wasn’t enough, he then is able to escape from Reality X, visits the mausoleum with Wicked Lit, heads to “Kansas” to see some familiar faces with Chapter 7: The Heart from the Speakeasy Society, then gets his 70’s fix on with Safehouse ’77. If that wasn’t enough, he talks about his second trips through Creep LA and Delusion: The Blue Blade. Meanwhile, back in the crisp Autumn air, Mike is able to visit Demented FX as well as a production of Sleepy Hollow at his favorite field trip spot as a kid, Ol’ Sturbridge Village.


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Episode 85 – Urban Death, Creep, Theatre Macabre, Delusion, Saw, Majestic Repertory, Freakling Brothers, and In Another Room

Haunt Season is in full swing! In this episode we find our way through the darkness and into Zombie Joe’s Urban Death. We witness people’s nightmares while trying to not fall asleep with Creep LA‘s “Awake”. We witness and take part in an open world…all while trying to uncover the secrets of the Theatre Macabre. We happily get to play our part and travel the world with Delusion: The Blue Blade. Road trip time as we head to Las Vegas to “Play a game” with the one and only Jigsaw in the Saw Escape Room, get transported back to the 70s with Majestic Repertory‘s “Measure for Measure: The Immersive Experience”, and finally go back to our second home….The Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror! Once back in LA, we visited a house that’s to be condemned and hear about the stories that happened inside it with E3W Productions “In Another Room”.


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