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Episode 34 – Interview with Zombie Joe

Zombie Joe and Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre – a name, place, and person that many of us know and love. In this episode, we speak with Zombie Joe about the history of the Underground Theatre, his shows, and even about collecting Star Wars figures. You will hear some fantastic stories and information about so much. Not only is Zombie Joe a great artist, producer, director, supporter, teacher, and friend, but he’s also an amazing storyteller. Enjoy!

Go check out Blood Alley, which opens tonight and runs Friday and Saturday nights at 11pm through December 17th.


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Episode 33 – Barbershops, Haunted Studio Escapes, and Hamlet Mobile

In this episode, Hamlet Mobile comes to a close, we try to escape the Haunted Recording Studio. Then we head over to ABC Project‘s “(B)arbershop” and get immersed to the point that we forget we’re in a show! Russell heads to New York and gets to see a couple shows. The new Box of Dread comes in and we let you know about some extensions and new dates added for things you will want to see like Zombie Joe‘s “Blood Alley”, Delusion, and Speakeasy Society‘s “The Key”! Also, The Lust Experience site is updated and added all of their social media links!


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The Tension Experience: Ascension – Spoiler Free Review

The Tension Experience Ascension

The Tension Experience: Ascension has arrived!

Wonder what that odd crashing sound you heard in the background of your life was this weekend? That was the sound of every theatrical norm in the city of Los Angeles being destroyed. Ascension sets out to break molds and redefine what a theatrical experience might be for a willing and game participant.

Arriving like some mischievous, rambunctious child set out to conquer, destroy, and take over the playground before it, this thing is thrillingly ambitious and daringly provocative.

The question is not whether you should go, the question is…


Since it was first announced, this event refused to set boundaries or clearly define what it was going to be. It didn’t call itself a haunted house and it didn’t call itself immersive theatre. They claimed it was a mixture of both of those things and more. Having gone through it, finally, I dare to define it as an immersive theatre piece unlike any other. It boldly uses haunt and escape room techniques in a manner that is guaranteed to deliver on the title. This isn’t a straight drama. It isn’t a horror piece. To call it a thriller might be getting a little bit closer to the point – but does not do the piece justice.

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