ScareLA 2017
ScareLA 2017 ScareLA 2017 has come to a close. In it’s 5th year, it moved to a bigger space at the Los Angeles Convention Center. There was lots of room to do lots of things! In this episode, we talk about all the things we saw and did over the […]

Episode 61 – ScareLA 2017

Midsummer Scream 2017
Midsummer Scream 2017 The 2nd Annual Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival has come and gone. In this episode, we recap all the things we did and saw over the two days!     Links to what we spoke about: Midsummer Scream – Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Mable’s 6 Feet Under […]

Episode 60 – Midsummer Scream 2017

Dark Arts Drunken Devil Curse of the Jungle Drums The Willows Creep LA The Lust Experience The Midnight Commission Evil Dead the Musical
Dark Arts, Drunken Devil’s Curse of the Jungle Drums, The Willows, The Lust Experience and The Midnight Commission, Evil Dead the Musical In this episode, we talk about going back for our crisis management consultation with the Dark Arts Finale. Russell dances with the devil at Drunken Devil‘s “Curse of […]

Episode 59 – Dark Arts, Drunken Devil, The Willows, Lust ...

Santu Deliria Hollywood Fringe Fest Order of Bileth
Finishing Fringe, Santu Deliria, and Order of Bileth In this episode, we talk about the shows we saw during the last week of Hollywood Fringe Fest. We then enter the world of Santu Deliria at Zombie Joes and then Russell meditates with Order of Bileth. We get mail from Box […]

Episode 57 – Finishing Fringe, Santu Deliria, and Order of ...

Hollywood Fringe 2017 Reviews
Hollywood Fringe Fest Week Two Reviews Hollywood Fringe Fest is almost done. In this second official week and we got to see 16 more shows between the two of us. Some of them Mike had seen previously and others Russell had seen previously. This was a good “catch up” type […]

Episode 56 – Hollywood Fringe Fest Week Two

Infinitely Dinner Society Hollywood Fringe Fest 2017 Iconfidant The Lust Experience
Hollywood Fringe Fest Week One, an Infinite Dinner, and an IConfidant We enter the first official week of the Hollywood Fringe Fest and see 16 shows (check out our written Hollywood Fringe Fest Week One reviews as well as our Hollywood Fringe Preview week reviews) We have a cheese plate […]

Episode 54 – Hollywood Fringe Fest Week One, an Infinite ...

Hollywood Fringe Fest Reviews 2
In this episode, we talk about all the Hollywood Fringe Fest shows we’ve seen so far during preview week (please check out our Hollywood Fringe Fest written reviews). Mike gets a worrisome call from Otis (who is part of The Lust Experience world). The Alone Experience has updated their website […]

Episode 53 – Hollywood Fringe Fest Preview Week and Otis’ ...

Red Lantern Escape Rooms Speakeasy Society Mables 6 Ft Under The Lust Experience Blood Alley 3
Red Lantern Escape Rooms “Midnight on the Bayou”, Speakeasy Society’s “Johnny the Living”, Mable’s 6 Feet Under, Box of Dread, Zombie Joe’s “Blood Alley 3”, Vegas, and The Lust Experience In this episode, we recount tales of passed on classmates at Red Lantern Escape Rooms “Midnight on the Bayou”. We […]

Episode 52 – Escaping the Bayou War with Mable through ...

The Lust Experience Prologue Ends
The Lust Experience: Prologue Ends, Chapter One Begins In this episode, we travel down The Lust Experience rabbit hole. Since the last podcast, we’ve met our Iconfidants, some people get to hang with Otis, we meet the investors at registration as well as a mysterious accented man in a dimly […]

Episode 51 – Part 2 – The Lust Experience: Prologue ...

Hollywood Fringe Zoe Escapade Games Force of Nature Productions Zombie Joes Urban Death Order of Bileth Speakeasy Sociey 2
Fringe Picks, Zoe’s Escape Room, Tales from Tomorrow, Urban Death, Order of Bileth, and Johnny the Living In this episode, we highlight some of our Hollywood Fringe Fest picks. we enter the scary world of Zoe at Escapade Games, a new escape room in Fullerton. Russell checks out Tales from […]

Episode 51 – Part 1 – Fringe Picks, Zoe’s ...

My Haunt Life Podcast Episode 49 60 Out Escape Room Freakling Brothers Victim Experience The Nest Box of Dread The Lust Experience IConfidant
60 Out, Our Freakling Brother Warren, Revisiting The Nest, Box of Dread, and The Lust Experience: Payback and Companions In this episode, we head to 60 Out to do two of their escape rooms at their Melrose location (Grandma’s Masterplan and The Hangover). Russell heads to Vegas and is able […]

Episode 49 – 60 Out, Our Freakling Brother Warren, Revisiting ...