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Episode 26 – Haunt Season is in Full Swing!

Haunt Season is in Full Swing!

We start off this podcast by realizing The Tension Experience STILL isn’t done with us and is STILL messing with our heads! We board the Grey Ghost to attend Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. We return to Cross Roads Escape Games to try the newly redesigned “Hex Room”. Russell becomes a test pilot with Ves Corp. We head to Reign of Terror‘s massive, 95 room maze. We witness a seance in Force of Nature Productions‘ “Fallen Saints”. Finally, we check into Motel 6 Feet Under and get lost with Mable!



Links to what we spoke about:

The Tension Experience – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Cross Roads Escape Games – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Ves Corp – Web, Instagram, Twitter

Reign of Terror – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Fallen Saints/TV Live/Force of Nature Productions – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Motel 6 Feet Under – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

We Are Indie Horror – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Trap House LA – Web
Think Tank Gallery – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Oct. 21 through Nov. 6, 2016
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays @ 8:00 PM

The Heritage Scare
One night only. Oct 30th. From “Survivor” challenge consultants and award-winning game designers Wise Guys Events, the Heritage Scare is a competitive haunted house: a haunt that you play as a game. Each of the 6 houses in the living history museum at Heritage Square contains a diabolical strategy game of betrayal you play with a partner. 10 people enter the house but only one pair emerges triumphant. Play all 6 games in any order, as many times as you want. Victorian costumes encouraged. Prizes for winners. Live musicians. Cash bar.

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