The Tension Experience The End

Episode 32 – The Tension Experience: The End…?

The Tension Experience: The End…?

Nine months ago, we started on a journey into the unknown. The Tension Experience came into our lives and changed them. A few days ago, it all came to an end. In this episode, we catch you up on things that have happened, we talk about our 2nd times through The Tension Experience: Ascension, and then tell you about what happened at “The End”. This podcast is just under FOUR hours long. It’s our longest to date. It’s also a roller coaster of memories. Sit back, relax, and get ready to be present and feel true and real emotion.



Links to what we spoke about:

The Tension Experience – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Hamilton (Tension version) Featuring Andrew Perez (Ellis Gordon??) and cast

“The End” Periscope has been removed, but a HUGE thank you to Addison Born for filming the whole event. With his permission, I’m posting his link to “The End” video.

The Tension Experience – THE END 11.13.16 from Addison Born on Vimeo.

Thank you so much to Addison Born, Tim Redman, and Kimberly Stewart for the video and pictures used in the cover photo. Once again, this amazing COMMUNITY that was built, is coming through to help.

And coming soon…The Lust Experience

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