The Lust Experience Prologue Ends

Episode 51 – Part 2 – The Lust Experience: Prologue Ends, Chapter One Begins

The Lust Experience: Prologue Ends, Chapter One Begins

In this episode, we travel down The Lust Experience rabbit hole. Since the last podcast, we’ve met our Iconfidants, some people get to hang with Otis, we meet the investors at registration as well as a mysterious accented man in a dimly lit room. Meghan and Noah break into the registration building later in the night and steal files. Sarah Sinclair goes to Rizzo’s house and gives him a dog toy with a hidden USB that contained a recording of Darren Lynn Bousman and the accented man…and this was only the prologue!



Links to what we spoke about:

The Lust Experience – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Noah Sinclair – Website
Otis Fletcher – Facebook
Macy’s Twitter
The Sinclair’s Twitter
IConfidant – Website, Facebook
Catching up: The Subreddit, Blondie’s Blog, Buz’s “New People Start Here” Thread
Dark Arts Play
The recording from Rizzo’s USB (Thanks Kim for uploading!)

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