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Episode 79 – Dealing with Death and Grief – Interview with Sam Shaber and Ashley Steed

Dealing with Death and Grief – Interview with Sam Shaber (Sam Shaber: Life, Death, and Duran Duran) and Ashley Steed (When Skies Are Gray)

How do you deal with death? How do you deal with grief? What if time does NOT heal all wounds? Can art heal?

In a challenging, moving conversation, we sit down with two creators and chat about what it takes to create from a place of loss or sadness and wind up transforming audiences in the process. Ashley Steed and Sam Shaber join us to talk about very different shows born from personal experiences. We explore the subject of grief and how to deal with it in a way that goes very deep and very personal.

While their shows have the subject of death and loss, we learn that they are more than that…they’re a celebration of the life of their loved ones.



Links to what we spoke about:

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