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Dark Arts Drunken Devil Curse of the Jungle Drums The Willows Creep LA The Lust Experience The Midnight Commission Evil Dead the Musical
Dark Arts, Drunken Devil’s Curse of the Jungle Drums, The Willows, The Lust Experience and The Midnight Commission, Evil Dead the Musical In this episode, we talk about going back for our crisis management consultation with the Dark Arts Finale. Russell dances with the devil at Drunken Devil‘s “Curse of […]

Episode 59 – Dark Arts, Drunken Devil, The Willows, Lust ...

My Haunt Life Podcast Episode 49 60 Out Escape Room Freakling Brothers Victim Experience The Nest Box of Dread The Lust Experience IConfidant
60 Out, Our Freakling Brother Warren, Revisiting The Nest, Box of Dread, and The Lust Experience: Payback and Companions In this episode, we head to 60 Out to do two of their escape rooms at their Melrose location (Grandma’s Masterplan and The Hangover). Russell heads to Vegas and is able […]

Episode 49 – 60 Out, Our Freakling Brother Warren, Revisiting ...

Drunken Devil Sinner's Social Club
Drunken Devil Announces A New Membership Program: The Sinner’s Social Club LOS ANGELES, CA, APRIL 24, 2017 – Last year, Drunken Devil shifted its format from creating haunted attractions to producing theatrical and thematic parties, first with the disco inferno-themed L’Enfer: An Infernal Discotheque, followed by the sold-out Halloween event, […]

Drunken Devil Announces A New Membership Program: The Sinner’s Social ...

My Haunt Life at Spookshow
In Episode 9 of the My Haunt Life Podcast, we give you an update on our experiences with The Tension Experience. There’s a new mystery in town that you should check out called Ves Corp. We were infected by The Virus and were Trapped in a Room with a Zombie […]

Episode 9 – We’re All Over the Place

Haunt Season has come and gone and Russell and I talk about what we went to, what we loved, what we hated and all that fun stuff. In Part 1, we talk about the Los Angeles/Orange County haunts we went to. You can hear about Fear is What We Learned […]

Episode 4 – The Haunt Season Review Part 1!