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Los Angeles Haunts Immersive Theatre Home Haunt Haunt Season 2
In this episode, we wish a fond farewell to the 2018 haunt season. We catch up on all the things we’ve done in the last episode including Mike’s trip back to Boston to experience “Fall” (that’s a season!). Before that trip, we see the last Dirty Tricks of the year […]

Episode 86 – The 2018 Haunt Season Wrap Up

In this episode, we get caught up on the shows we’ve seen and things we’ve done over the last couple of months. We both had family emergencies and had to travel back to Mississippi and Massachusetts for a month each and due to those travels, a lot of these shows/reviews […]

Episode 75 – Catching Up From Life

Freakling Brothers, Fallen Saints, Coffin Creek, Lust Experience
Freakling Brothers, Fallen Saints, Horror Rewind, Coffin Creek, Backwoods Maze, and Lust In this episode, Russell heads back to Las Vegas for Freakling Brother’s Trilogy of Terror, Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum, and heads to Fremont St. for Fear The Walking Dead Survival Attraction. Back in LA, We check out Horror […]

Episode 67 – Freakling Brothers, Fallen Saints, Horror Rewind, Coffin ...

Midsummer Scream 2017
Midsummer Scream 2017 The 2nd Annual Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival has come and gone. In this episode, we recap all the things we did and saw over the two days!     Links to what we spoke about: Midsummer Scream – Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Mable’s 6 Feet Under […]

Episode 60 – Midsummer Scream 2017

Hollywood Fringe Zoe Escapade Games Force of Nature Productions Zombie Joes Urban Death Order of Bileth Speakeasy Sociey
Fringe Picks, Zoe’s Escape Room, Tales from Tomorrow, Urban Death, Order of Bileth, and Johnny the Living In this episode, we highlight some of our Hollywood Fringe Fest picks. we enter the scary world of Zoe at Escapade Games, a new escape room in Fullerton. Russell checks out Tales from […]

Episode 51 – Part 1 – Fringe Picks, Zoe’s ...

My Haunt Life Podcast Episode 45 ABC Project Covell SFS Theatre Firelight Zombie Joes Tortured Souls The Tension Lust Experience
C(ovell), Firelight, Tortured Souls, and The Tension Experience Book Release Party In this episode, we return to ABC Project‘s C(ovell) and get to see our complicated family one more time. We experience the different facets of love and being in love in SFS Theatre‘s “Firelight”. Then we head to Purgatory […]

Episode 45 – C(ovell), Firelight, Tortured Souls, and The Tension ...

Hitchhiking Monster Motel 6 Feet Under
Haunt Season is in Full Swing! We start off this podcast by realizing The Tension Experience STILL isn’t done with us and is STILL messing with our heads! We board the Grey Ghost to attend Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. We return to Cross Roads Escape Games to try the newly […]

Episode 26 – Haunt Season is in Full Swing!

Episode 12 – Part 2 – Russell’s Haunt Noises Part 2 of Episode 12! We talk about Blackout and the beginning of 21’s Chapter 3. The Blackout Experiments releases a new, terrifying trailer and gives us a peek at Russell’s haunt noises. Russell goes on a haunted house call. We […]

Episode 12 – Part 2 – Russell’s Haunt Noises