An immersive journey into childhood fears, “I want to live in your mouth” creates a mysterious world where things definitely live in the dark and, to be clear, they are coming for you. The show is presented by David Ruzicka and Eric Vosmeier. (In association with OA Experiential, additional support from […]

I Want To Live In Your Mouth proves there IS ...

Interactive Horror Panel Scare LA
Masterminds of Interactive Horror Panel from Scare LA 2016 This panel was fantastic! We had 6 of some of the most experimental and immersive haunts and experiences in Los Angeles. From theatrical to extreme experiences, this panel covers the gambit of immersive haunts in LA. Get inside the minds of […]

Masterminds of Interactive Horror Panel from Scare LA 2016

Summer Camp is a rollicking horror film that swiftly and cleverly destroys every cliché it seems to embrace. Suffering from a ill-fitting title, Summer Camp leads you down a familiar path then sucker punches you with a thrill ride of twists, turns and sneak attacks that move quickly to a […]

Summer Camp Destroys Horror Clichés in The Name of Fun ...

A Sundance Film Festival Review “Carnage Park” tells the tale of a woman, Vivian, taken hostage in a bank robbery that goes awry. Once out of town, the lead robber, Scorpion Joe, does his best to work his charm on his lovely hostage while attempting to form a plan that […]

“Carnage Park” Takes The Kidnap Genre into Familiar Slasher Territory

A Sundance Film Festival Review Rob Zombie’s newest horror film, “31,” confirms the director has a flare for carnage and a good eye for interesting set pieces, a slightly improving sense of emotion and an unwillingness to transcend the thing that inspires him – 70’s horror cinema. “31” is a […]

Rob Zombie’s “31” – A New Film That Brings Back ...