The Lust Experience Prologue Ends
The Lust Experience: Prologue Ends, Chapter One Begins In this episode, we travel down The Lust Experience rabbit hole. Since the last podcast, we’ve met our Iconfidants, some people get to hang with Otis, we meet the investors at registration as well as a mysterious accented man in a dimly […]

Episode 51 – Part 2 – The Lust Experience: Prologue ...

My Haunt Life Podcast Episode 49 60 Out Escape Room Freakling Brothers Victim Experience The Nest Box of Dread The Lust Experience IConfidant
60 Out, Our Freakling Brother Warren, Revisiting The Nest, Box of Dread, and The Lust Experience: Payback and Companions In this episode, we head to 60 Out to do two of their escape rooms at their Melrose location (Grandma’s Masterplan and The Hangover). Russell heads to Vegas and is able […]

Episode 49 – 60 Out, Our Freakling Brother Warren, Revisiting ...