Majestic Repertory

Urban Death, Creep, Theatre Macabre, Delusion, Saw, Majestic Repertory, Freakling Brothers, and In Another Room Review
Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour of Terror, Creep Los Angeles, Theatre Macabre, Delusion: The Blue Blade, Saw Escape Room, Majestic Repertory, Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror, and In Another Room Haunt Season is in full swing! In this episode we find our way through the darkness and into Zombie Joe’s […]

Episode 85 – Urban Death, Creep, Theatre Macabre, Delusion, Saw, ...

My Haunt Life Podcast Episode 82
As we’re about to jump in head first to haunt season, we catch you up on the things we’ve done since the last podcast. Russell traveled to Mississippi again, but were able to do some things before, during, and after that! We took part in an “Experiment” by Get The […]

Episode 82 – More Travels, More Things, More Catch Ups

In this episode, we get caught up on the shows we’ve seen and things we’ve done over the last couple of months. We both had family emergencies and had to travel back to Mississippi and Massachusetts for a month each and due to those travels, a lot of these shows/reviews […]

Episode 75 – Catching Up From Life

Red Lantern Escape Rooms Speakeasy Society Mables 6 Ft Under The Lust Experience Blood Alley 3
Red Lantern Escape Rooms “Midnight on the Bayou”, Speakeasy Society’s “Johnny the Living”, Mable’s 6 Feet Under, Box of Dread, Zombie Joe’s “Blood Alley 3”, Vegas, and The Lust Experience In this episode, we recount tales of passed on classmates at Red Lantern Escape Rooms “Midnight on the Bayou”. We […]

Episode 52 – Escaping the Bayou War with Mable through ...