Sinister Pointe

Sinister Pointe Spook Night Zombie Joes Blood Alley
Haunting Holidays with Spook Night, Sinister Pointe, and Blood Alley In this haunting holiday episode, we get into the Christmas spirit by going to some spooky, creepy, and horrifying holiday events. We first see a show called “Silent Night, Spook Night” that told 4 creepy tales in the vein of […]

Episode 36 – Haunting Holidays with Spook Night, Sinister Pointe, ...

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Trick or Treat
Halloween season has come to an end 🙁 In this episode, we catch you up on the things we’ve done during the last week of Halloween. We visit the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. We are able to check out Art In Relation‘s production of Frankenstein the Musical. We returned to […]

Episode 31 – The Haunt Season Wrap Up

Delusion, Sinister Pointe, IndieCade, and Coffin Creek…Oh My! We finally get to experience a couple things that weren’t around last year. We first hit up Delusion’s “His Crimson Queen”, which has been one of the most anticipated works since we found out that they were coming back! The next night, […]

Episode 28 – Delusion, Sinister Pointe, IndieCade, and Coffin Creek…Oh ...

Midsummer Scream 1
Episode 16 – Midsummer Scream! Midsummer Scream came and went this past weekend. The anticipation, curiosity, and wonderment we all felt leading up to it was all worth it. This was such a good and fun convention. There was such a good mix of all things haunts, horrors, escapes, and […]

Episode 16 – Midsummer Scream!

My Haunt Life at Spookshow
In Episode 9 of the My Haunt Life Podcast, we give you an update on our experiences with The Tension Experience. There’s a new mystery in town that you should check out called Ves Corp. We were infected by The Virus and were Trapped in a Room with a Zombie […]

Episode 9 – We’re All Over the Place

In Episode 8, we talk about the latest and newest escape rooms we’ve done. We talk about Cross Roads Escape Games “The Hex” room, Escape Room LA’s newest room, “The Alchemist”, and Captured LA’s room, “The Starlet Killer”. Russell goes through the birthing process in “What We Learned Here’s” newest […]

Episode 8 – Escapes, Magicians, Immersives, and Questions