Theatre Macabre

Los Angeles Haunts Immersive Theatre Home Haunt Haunt Season 2
In this episode, we wish a fond farewell to the 2018 haunt season. We catch up on all the things we’ve done in the last episode including Mike’s trip back to Boston to experience “Fall” (that’s a season!). Before that trip, we see the last Dirty Tricks of the year […]

Episode 86 – The 2018 Haunt Season Wrap Up

Urban Death, Creep, Theatre Macabre, Delusion, Saw, Majestic Repertory, Freakling Brothers, and In Another Room Review
Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour of Terror, Creep Los Angeles, Theatre Macabre, Delusion: The Blue Blade, Saw Escape Room, Majestic Repertory, Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror, and In Another Room Haunt Season is in full swing! In this episode we find our way through the darkness and into Zombie Joe’s […]

Episode 85 – Urban Death, Creep, Theatre Macabre, Delusion, Saw, ...