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Artists Real Talk Interviews My Haunt Life

A.R.T. – Artists Real Talk Interviews My Haunt Life

We’ve been huge fans of the Think Tank Gallery and were honored when they asked us to be on their new podcast A.R.T. – Artist Real Talk. Check out this interview where we talk about fun things like ARGs, haunts, immersive theatre, and more! A huge thank you to Jacob and Think Tank for everything he/they do for the Los Angeles scene.

From their description:

#14 Mike & Russell from My Haunt Life: A Growing Scene in LA and How To Feed It.

My Haunt Life is the best place for long form content that any LA-based scare fiend can find. While their basis is most certainly haunts, Mike and Russell cover everything from haunted houses to immersive theatre. The latter is really where this conversation takes off, and we go pretty deep on certain topics that provide insight and opportunity for creators looking to make a tangible impact on their guests. There is no better source to find out about the most cutting edge stuff in the immersive haunt world, so diving into how Mike and Russell see that world at this moment is a real treat.

For more information on the Think Tank Gallery, check out their website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
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