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Cross Roads Escape Games – Hex Room – Gets Ready for Halloween!

Cross Roads Escape Games – Hex Room – Gets Ready for Halloween!

If you’ve listened to the podcast, you know how much we adore Cross Roads Escape Games. The Hex Room is such a fun and unique take on escape rooms and has amazing replay ability. The Hex Room is everything we personally love. It’s creepy and horror based. This is a room that gives you a taste of Halloween all year long. So it would make perfect sense to up the ante for Halloween right? RIGHT!

Cross Roads is revamping The Hex Room starting on October 1st! There will be more scares, new puzzles, AND a brand new ending! This is VERY exciting for us and for everyone that has previously played this room. With new puzzles and a new ending, it will be like playing a brand new game!

Taken from the press release:

“This is not a video game or a haunted house. This is a real life horror adventure. There are no actors, just you and your friends trying to survive. A horror-loving madman wants to recreate a horror film, using you and your friends as his stereotypical characters! Each player will take a quiz before the game to find out which cliche character they are: The nerd, virgin, jock, rebel, prom queen, or detective. Your team will be divided up into separate rooms where you must work individually and as a team. Not only do you need to escape, but you must also survive! Who will live? Who will die?

Creative Director, Madison Rhoades, explains, “Currently, the Hex Room is a very creepy experience. But with this revamp, it will be even more terrifying where you actually feel like you’re in a horror film. We constantly want to push the boundaries of interactive experiences and this revamp is going to blow people away.” The Hex Room is scheduled to close during the last week of September to get ready for it’s new look and scares. It will reopen October 1st with it’s new extreme experience”
YES YES YES. We are so in! This is one of our top escape rooms. It has the perfect mix of horror, creepiness, puzzles, teamwork, and most importantly, fun! Definitely check this out if you’re an escape room fan or a Halloween fan or both!
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