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Episode 20 – The Tension Experience: Indoctrination Comes to an End

The Tension Experience: Indoctrination Comes to an End

In the last 7 months, you’ve heard us constantly talk about The Tension Experience. This was called “The Tension Experience: Indoctrination” and is the precursor to “The Tension Experience: Ascension” (which is the actual, ticketed event). This has been something unlike anything else we’ve ever encountered before. In this episode, we wrap up our experiences within Indoctrination. We update you on what’s happened since the Scare LA panel. Max meets with Regent 7 and gets Addison’s diary, Addison tries to teach us while being hunted by the OSDM, and we finally get to meet…The One…and after we do, chaos ensues!




Addison’s journal

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