Hollywood Fringe 2017 Reviews

Episode 56 – Hollywood Fringe Fest Week Two

Hollywood Fringe Fest Week Two Reviews

Hollywood Fringe Fest is almost done. In this second official week and we got to see 16 more shows between the two of us. Some of them Mike had seen previously and others Russell had seen previously. This was a good “catch up” type of week. You can read and listen to our other reviews by checking out our Hollywood Fringe Preview Week written reviews and Preview week podcast, as well as week one written reviews, week one podcast, and our week two written reviews.



Links to what we spoke about:

Bloody Awful

The Rise and Fall of Dracula

Emergency Operation

A Void

Too Many Hitlers or: The Decoy Decameron

Charlatan: Secrets of the Victorian Psychics

The Second Coming of Klaus Kinski

New Bad Boys of Magic

Blamed: An Established Fiction


Dark Arts

Bonnie and Clyde

Name This Magic Show!

An Evening with John Wilkes Booth

Airplane Live!

The Birthing Pit

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