Never Hike Alone Vincent DiSanti Interview

Episode 66(6) – Interview with “Never Hike Alone” Director Vincente DiSanti

Interview with “Never Hike Alone” Director Vincente DiSanti

Jason Voorhees has returned.

On October, Friday the 13th, 2017, the film “Never Hike Alone – A Friday the 13th Fan Film” premiered at the Telluride Horror Show Film Festival. Far more ambitious than many fans films, we sit down with the producer/director/writer Vincente DiSanti to discuss exactly how this happened.

“Never Hike Alone” from Womp Stomp Films is NOT just the story of an undead killer returning for revenge, behind the scenes it is also the story of a man following a dream.

We discuss “Never Hike Alone”, we dissect the entire Friday The 13th mythology, explore possible back stories of favorite characters, discover humorous connections to the popular Friday the 13th online game, and learn that following dreams can be challenging, thrilling, and most importantly… possible.

Buckle up, this conversation is like running from a killer through a forest under a full moon in the middle of the night. We go down a lot of paths, we bump into a lot of trees and we learn that sometimes, in the darkest of moments, inspiration can be found.

Editors note: we discuss specific plot details, stunts, camera shots and reveal a few surprises about this film. If possible, we recommend you watch it before listening. Trust us… if you’re a Friday the 13th fan, you’ll enjoy the ride!



Links to what we spoke about:

Never Hike Alone – YouTube link (Embed below the links)

Womp Stomp Films – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channel

Telluride Film Festival – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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