Miasma Chicago Justin Brink Interview

Episode 84 – Interview with Miasma Creator Justin Brink

Interview with Miasma Creator Justin Brink

Miasma: Into Great Silence broke open the 2018 haunt season early in the Midwest. Based in Chicago, this immersive terror experience has spent the last few years building a solid reputation for intense dramatic sequences, surreal mood shifts and incorporating extreme haunt elements. Creator Justin Brink and his team created an adrenaline-laced robbery-gone-wrong narrative that forced the patrons to face some squirm inducing decisions.

Russell first attended Miasma in 2016 and returned this year. However, he didn’t return as a patron. Instead he stepped behind the scenes and into the darkness to become part of the crew and to assist in the terror.

Afterwards, he sat down with Justin to ask a few questions. This quick interview covers the journey to this year’s show and explores the dynamics of forming a trusted team of players that can unite to present intensely dark, challenging shows.

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