Happy Horrific Holidays!

Happy Holidays.

Really, we mean it.

From the bottom of the erratically pulsating My Haunt Life heart, Mike and I would like to offer seasonal wishes of joy and mirth and good cheer.  Why?  Because we actually believe in those wishes of good will. (Edit from Mike…no, stop being so jolly Russell! You’ll have your horror card revoked!)

The My Haunt Life podcast has been growing and evolving for over a year.  During that time, it has become clear that the excitement and passion that Mike and I feel about the adventures we discuss…. whether they be creepy in nature or completely on a non-horror path – is that they should be just that… adventures.

As the 2016 “Haunt Season” seems to be coming to a close (in mid-December!) and Christmas steps up to grab us all firmly by the candy cane, we want to thank all those who have joined us on the journey so far.  It is exciting for us to hear from people who have gathered some sort of information or encouragement or even, if I may humbly say, inspiration to go out and challenge themselves to explore something they may not be sure about.  If there is one thing Mike and I agree on,  it is a firm belief in the beneficial power of “play.”  We encourage you to go out and explore… right now!  View the holiday lights and decorations, see the plays, sing the carols and maybe, just maybe, you will also find some seasonal spooky stuff along the way.

This time of year calls for us to reflect… the “best of” lists will be hitting us over the head soon enough.  For me, personally, the haunt season ranks high in my thoughts as I look back upon the year.  So many friends gathering each night to spook and be spooked, in its own way, that sort of bonding mirrors all this joyful Christmas season gathering we all find ourselves in the midst of in some way.

May I offer a silly gift to you, the person willing to read this rambling of good wishes?

A few years ago, I realized that part of the fun of exploring haunt season was the often crazy, silly and bizarre conversations that always seemed to take place as we met up with friends, compared notes with new friends, and went our way through the events of the fall haunt season.  It became fun to make notes of the oddest comments from these exchanges.  So, I offer our friends and readers and listeners this little list as a gift.  These are actual statements I overheard, said or were said to me during my haunt adventures of this year.

Taken completely out of context and offered with no explanation and in a completely random order.

Please… create your own context for each.

Have fun.


“Well, she said she wanted to give me her digits… she handed me a jar of severed fingers.”

“If your car is not big enough to fit even a single coffin in easily, maybe you need a different car.”

“Oh, no, we do not use duct tape on our customers.”

“Come this way,  we would like you to say ‘Hello’ to an old friend……….”

“Don’t you stop!”

“Oh.  OH. OooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHooooooooh. ”
(slams palm into forehead in realization)

“Oh, I really like your padded cell.”

“As fascinated as I am by serial killers, you’d think I’d be better at tying knots.”

“Don’t worry, he’s a very clean mouse.”

“I did not expect this to happen in a haunted prison.”
“What… falling in LOVE???? Neither did I!!!! Let’s dance!!”

“He’s not mocking you… he’s mocking me.”

“I did something I shouldn’t have.”

“Do you remember getting ready for your first time?”

“Whoa.  That hurt.”

“Don’t worry,  I’ll let you go eventually.”

“So, if you like, we could go back and put you in a straitjacket for a while.”

“You won’t be able to move.  Then I will take you and I will put you on display for all the world to see.  That would excite you, wouldn’t it?”

“…. the rest… is silence.”

“No.  No.  The handcuffs are for you.”

“You….. are SO twisted.”

“You’re different now.  Put your clothes back on.”


I certainly hope that brought a few playful thoughts to mind… spooky or otherwise.

So, from our slightly dark hearts to yours, may it be a joyful and wonderful holiday season filled with odd conversations,  exploration and adventure.

To close, I would like to quote my good friend, Mike, who I witnessed give this little piece of advice to someone at a recent creepy evening of theater…

“You need to live your life.  You need to SEE some shit!!!!”

That may be the most perfect call to explore and play I have ever heard.

Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from My Haunt Life!!!



Some of the souvenirs collected from our haunt adventures of 2016.

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