Have a Merry Scary Holiday!

Happy Holidays from My Haunt Life!

The ultimate immersive experience is life. Every day, we move forward through time. Sometimes our progress is defined by ease and grace, other times we may find the path is, to be blunt, perilous.

That journey is a gift. Difficult or easy, the gift of that journey should never be taken for granted.

On the podcast, we talk about play and adventures of the mind and heart. (Okay, sometimes the body, as well.) Those stories provoke thought and emotion. In the end, they are food for thought. If there are lessons being learned, they are often very personal and private but there are also connections being made. One of the gifts of live theater, escape rooms, immersive events and everything related can be a sense of connection to and understanding of others.  Connection and understanding… something the world could use more of, perhaps.

We hope that your year has had its fair share of connections and exploration. We also hope that the coming year offers plenty more!

This time of year calls for us to reflect… the “best of” lists will be hitting us over the head soon enough. We are bombarded with the message that we should reminisce with others about the year that just was… good or bad.

May we offer a silly gift to you, friend of My Haunt Life?

A few years ago, I (this is Russell talking now) realized that part of the fun of exploring haunt season was the often crazy, silly and bizarre conversations that always seemed to take place among friends as we went on haunt season adventures. It became fun to make notes of the oddest comments from these exchanges.

So, I offer our friends and readers and listeners this little list as a gift.

These are actual statements I overheard, said or were said to me during my personal haunt adventures of this year.

Taken completely out of context, offered with NO explanation (or very, very little) and in a completely random order.

Please… fell free to imagine your own twisted context for each.
Have fun.


“Would you like to go in… alone?”

“Uh, I get flustered around attractive women.”

“Sooooo, are you just here to visit… or are you here to scare people?”

As I am wiping blood off my hands, someone asks…
“Does this happen to you often?”

“I have to wash my body. I am covered in last night.”

LOUD noise.
Everyone screams in terror, “Ahhhhhhhhh!!”
A voice in the dark asks…
“Soooooo, be honest… do you think that works as a scare? Do you? Were you scared? Were you? Really, be honest.”

“What is it with you and the damsels in distress?”

“I know you. We’ve met before. I know where you live…”

“My, what a lovely sense of justice you have.”

“I have spent a great deal of time this fall season locked in bathrooms having awkward conversations with people.”

“Cleanse us our sins!! Cleanse us our sins!!”

“To be honest, I enjoy a little restraint sometimes.”

“You. Are. My. Fucking. GOD!”

“There’s one costume left. You should put it on. You know you want to…”

“You know you must fight. Struggle against what binds you. Sometimes, though, it feels good to surrender.”

“What do roses do? They bloom.”

“In this moment I am torn between wanting to hug you or hurt you. What if I find out that I like hurting people?”

“You will know when the time has come to use… your… teeth…”

“Gee, That is the second time this weekend that I have accidentally gotten an innocent person killed.”


I certainly hope that brought a few playful thoughts to mind… spooky or otherwise.

So, from our slightly dark hearts to yours, we wish everyone a joyful holiday season filled with odd conversations, personal exploration and plenty of adventure.

Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from My Haunt Life!!!


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