Episode 29 – Theatre: Creepy, Historical, Classic, and Immersive

Theatre: Creepy, Historical, Classic, and Immersive

In this episode, we head back to Motel 6 Feet Under and help some guests check in. Russell goes to The Tension Experience: Ascension for his second time and becomes speechless. We open the October Box of Dread and are pretty stoked at what’s inside. We follow a reporter investigating a missing girl and urban legends in Screamers and have an interview with the writer/director/producer Ben Cox. On the way to visit Cara within Devoted, Russell runs into some trouble. Mike was able to meet with her a couple days later to experience her memories. Mike is starting his immersive Shakespeare journey in the back of a van known as Hamlet Mobile. Finally, we searched Goldstar for some deals on creepy things and went to Spindle City: The Lizzie Borden Musical and Nosferatu: A Symphony in Terror.



Links to what we spoke about:

Motel 6 Ft Under – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The Tension Experience – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Box of Dread – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Screamers – Screamers
Trailblazer Productions – Facebook

The Shine On Collective – Web, Facebook, Twitter
Cara Darling – Facebook, Instagram

Hamlet Mobile – Website, Twitter

Spindle City: The Lizzie Borden Musical – Website

Nosferatu: A Symphony in Terror- Website, Facebook

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