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Rotten Apple 907, Into the Black, Creep Los Angeles Lore, Shine On Collective Sweet Dreams, Klownhouse, Wicked Lit
Episode 68 – Rotten Apple 907, Into the Black, Ghost Train, Opechee Haunt, Spooky Hollows, The Klownhouse, The Haunted Shack, Zombie Joe’s, Lore, Creep Los Angeles, Sweet Dreams, Shine On Collective, Caught, Think Tank Gallery, Wicked Lit In this episode, we close out our haunt season by going to a […]

Episode 68 – Haunt Season is Over…We Haz a Sad

Midsummer Scream 2017
Midsummer Scream 2017 The 2nd Annual Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival has come and gone. In this episode, we recap all the things we did and saw over the two days!     Links to what we spoke about: Midsummer Scream – Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Mable’s 6 Feet Under […]

Episode 60 – Midsummer Scream 2017

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Trick or Treat
Halloween season has come to an end 🙁 In this episode, we catch you up on the things we’ve done during the last week of Halloween. We visit the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. We are able to check out Art In Relation‘s production of Frankenstein the Musical. We returned to […]

Episode 31 – The Haunt Season Wrap Up

Theatre: Creepy, Historical, Classic, and Immersive In this episode, we head back to Motel 6 Feet Under and help some guests check in. Russell goes to The Tension Experience: Ascension for his second time and becomes speechless. We open the October Box of Dread and are pretty stoked at what’s […]

Episode 29 – Theatre: Creepy, Historical, Classic, and Immersive

Los Angeles Haunt Season
Haunt Season in Los Angeles Begins! And here….we…..go! Cross Roads Escape Games is adding new puzzles and scares to The Hex Room, we meet a lovely Cara who expresses her feelings for us in The Shine On Collective’s “Devoted”, we experience different realms of death within Screenshot Productions’ “Bardo Thodol”, […]

Episode 23 – Haunt Season in Los Angeles Begins!

Scare LA 7
Episode 18 – Scare LA! Scare LA just finished their 4th year of Halloween and horror goodness! This convention was jam packed full of haunts, panels, and fun! After Midsummer Scream, we wondered if this town is big enough for two Halloween/Horror/Haunt conventions. The answer, in our opinion, is a […]

Episode 18 – Scare LA!

Johnny The Shell
Episode 17 – Johnny is One of Us and Gatekeeper 2 Arrives! In episode 17, Russell solves his VN-OU-TE-RY-GJ-FS-LS-UT cipher! The Speakeasy Society‘s “Johnny the Shell” amazes both of us…again. Mike even went a 2nd time and got an entirely different show! We went over to Zombie Joe‘s to check […]

Episode 17 – Johnny is One of Us and Gatekeeper ...

Midsummer Scream 1
Episode 16 – Midsummer Scream! Midsummer Scream came and went this past weekend. The anticipation, curiosity, and wonderment we all felt leading up to it was all worth it. This was such a good and fun convention. There was such a good mix of all things haunts, horrors, escapes, and […]

Episode 16 – Midsummer Scream!