My Haunt Life Podcast 43 Shine On Collective ABC Project

Episode 43 – C(ovell) Goes To The Wild Inside a Box of Dread

In this episode, the Beef Jerky war rages on! Do you refrigerate your jerky like Russell? We apologize to Sarah Sinclair from The Lust Experience for getting her name wrong. Some Scribes we are. Hopefully she won’t tell Noah. We get a sneak peak at Annie Lesser‘s new ABC Project show entitled C(ovell) as well as a short interview with her about the show and glimpses into the future of the ABC Project. Russell goes back to Shine On Collective‘s “To The Wild” and let’s us know about the differences he encountered. “You’ve got mail!” with a Ghostbusters themed Box of Dread. Kidnap Solutions: we’re not sure what it is, but it’s worth checking out.

Fun things happening this and next weekend: Spook Show 5 at Halloween Club, “Tortured Souls” at Zombie Joe’s, (C)ovell, the final weekend of “To The Wild”, the final part of Have You Seen Jake‘s trilogy called “Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow”, the final night of Heretic‘s “Vanish”, as well as the Great Horror Movie Night! Also, Cross Roads Escape Games is hosting a St. Patrick’s weekend event that will have Mobile Escape Room and The Escape Bus at their place!

Tickets on sale now for: Speakeasy Society‘s Kansas Collection, Midsummer Scream, SFS Theatre‘s “Firelight”, Scout Expedition Company‘s “The Nest“, as well as a special guest appearance by Noah Nelson of No Proscenium to tell us all about the Immersive Theatre Town Hall for Hollywood Fringe Fest that he is co-moderating!



Links to what we spoke about:

Jojo’s Jerky – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The Lust Experience – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Noah Sinclair – Website

C(ovell)/ABC Project – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Go Fund Me

To The Wild/Shine On Collective – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Box of Dread – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Kidnap Solutions – Website

Spookshow/Halloween Club – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Event Page, Free Tickets

Tortured Souls/Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Have You Seen Jake – Website, Instagram

HERETIC – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Great Horror Movie Night – Website, Facebook, Twitter

Speakeasy Society’s Kansas Collection – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Tickets for “The Key” March 24th and 25th
Tickets for “The Axe” March 31st – April 1st
Tickets for “The Door” April 6th and 7th

Town Hall for Immersive events at Hollywood Fringe Fest – Information

No Proscenium – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Libsyn

Hollywood Fringe Fest – Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Midsummer Scream – Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Cross Roads Escape Games – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Mobile Escape Room – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The Escape Bus – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Firelight/SFS Theatre – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tickets

Scout Expedition Company – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, The Nest, Tickets

My Haunt Life – iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, TuneIn, Forums, Calendar, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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