My Haunt Life Podcast Episode 48 Part 2 The Lust Experience

Episode 48 – Part 2 – The Lust Experience – The (Faux)cus Group

The Lust Experience – The (Faux)cus Group

In part 2 of episode 48, we talk about all the things that’s happened within The Lust Experience. Calls, meet ups, focus groups, Noah Sinclair, Sarah Sinclair, and a new person is met….Otis Fletcher.



Links to what we spoke about:

Julie’s Periscope after speaking with Darren at C(ovell)

Clint’s post about Darren and himself

Cristen’s call about bringing one

Julie’s Periscope after meeting Sarah at the bookstore

Julie’s Periscope after the Focus Group

Press release about Noah

Link to the song “Mr. Shadow” made up from AI that was posted to the forums

Megan and Michael Gray get a call asking about what kind of things they look for in a friend
Megan’s experience
Michael’s experience

The Lust Experience – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Noah Sinclair – Website
Otis Fletcher – Facebook

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