My Haunt Life Podcast Episode 48 Part 1 The Fools Festival Evil Genius Escape Rooms Scout Expedition Company The Nest Box of Dread Monsterpalooza Speakeasy Society Kansas Collection The Door Chapter 3

Episode 48 – Part 1 – The Fools Festival, Evil Genius Escape Rooms, The Nest, and The Door

The Fools Festival, Evil Genius Escape Rooms, The Nest, and The Door

Episode 48 will be split up into two parts. The first part will be reviews of all the things we’ve done recently and the second part will be all about The Lust Experience and what’s happened since our last podcast.

In this episode we got mail with Box of Dread and it was a zombie theme! We were treated with sideshow performers at a haunted theatre in Santa Ana at The Fools Festival. We escaped from Occam’s Apartment and the Norcross Art Gallery at Evil Genius Escape Rooms. We encountered a next level type of story telling in a beautiful immersive environment with Scout Expedition Company‘s “The Nest“. We return to Kansas to enter “The Door”, which is Chapter 3 of Speakeasy Society‘s “Kansas Collection”. Then we shoot over to Pasadena to encounter horror, monsters, and special fx…OH MY….at Monsterpalooza. We also give you a run down of what happened with the Black Matter Foundation.

Some news and new shows: Delusion started filming for their VR experience. The Bunker Experience escape room has added Chapter 2! Book of Phi is ramping back up and have a new “Theories” Facebook page. From the minds behind Creep LA, The Willows is a new site-specific immersive show that will soon be on sale. Infinitely Dinner Society is now accepting applications for membership. Speakeasy Society announced dates and put tickets on sale for the third part of the Johnny Cycle!

Some things happening this weekend: “Urban Death” at Zombie Joes, Scout Expedition Company’s “The Nest”, and Force of Nature Productions “Tales from Tomorrow”



Links to what we spoke about:

Box of Dread – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Spiders on Drugs

The Fools Festival – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Evil Genius Escape Rooms – Website, Facebook, Instagram

Scout Expedition Company – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, The Nest

The Speakeasy Society – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Monsterpalooza – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Black Matter Foundation – Website

Delusion – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The Bunker Experience – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The Book of Phi – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Theories Page

The Willows/Creep LA – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Infinitely Dinner Society – Tumblr

Speakeasy Society’s The Johnny Cycle – Part III is announced and tickets are on sale NOW! Get your tickets HERE

Zombie Joes “Urban Death” – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Force of Nature Productions “Tales From Tomorrow” – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

My Haunt Life – iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, TuneIn, Forums, Calendar, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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