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Episode 11 – Tension in Person and Russell’s Birthday Weekend!

My Haunt Life Podcast – Episode 11 – Tension in Person and Russell’s Birthday Weekend!

In Episode 11 of the My Haunt Life Podcast, we celebrate Russell’s birthday weekend! Can Russell solve the birthday cipher? What kind of friend gives him a puzzle to solve in order to get his present? We update you on everything that’s happened since our last podcast with The Tension Experience. There’s been phone calls, emails, meet ups, and a live event! We head to Zombie Joe’s once again to see the always amazing Urban Death. Then we get in the Christmas spirit with Countdown Live Escape Games Krampus Escape room! Virtual Reality Quests is opening soon and are offering a special code for discounted tickets. We tell you about a couple of shows in the Fringe Festival that we’re looking forward to. Finally we talk about the bum out news from Evil Twin Studios.


Links to what we spoke about:

The Tension Experience – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Special shout out to the El Paso Horror Society – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Countdown Live Escape Games – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Virtual Reality Quests – Web, Facebook
Fringe Fest – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
The Toxic Avenger Musical
Alien Vs Musical
The Truth
Bump in the Night: Tales of Monsters & Fools
Evil Twin Studios – Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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