Hollywood Fringe Festival

Our Top Picks for the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Our Top Picks for the Hollywood Fringe Festival

The Hollywood Fringe Festival has been a bright spot in our spring season for the past few years. Looking through their schedule, you are bound to find something interesting to go to and investigate. The ticket prices remain so reasonable, it’s foolish not to explore multiple productions. Music, magic, drama and comedy and experimental stuff that defies description. There definitely is something for everyone. It’s all waiting for you, you just have to go!

We give you the top 3 events that we are most excited about as well as a bunch of others we are very interested in. Our top 3’s are “must sees” for us.

Russell’s top picks

Nick Paul Impossible Feats of Fake Magic
A performer who has the reputation of bringing a complete variety show vibe to his shows… the accolades and awards Nick Paul has racked up in the past few years make this a top pick for the magic fan in me. It sounds like a blast!

“Nick Paul’s one man show “Impossible Feats of Fake Magic” won Critic’s Choice for “Best Variety Show” and sold out five of its six performances at last year’s Orlando International Fringe Festival. The show combines physical comedy, magic, live stunts and audience participation for an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Nick is a veteran performer with over 14 years professional experience as seen at corporate events, colleges and theaters nationwide. He was a featured magician at Walt Disney World from 2012-2015 and can be seen worldwide on Disney Cruise Line. He is also a regular performer at The Magic Castle.”

A Regular Little Houdini

Sounding like a combination of dramatization, real life inspiration and a young man dealing with family issues, this has the marks of an ambitious show striving to be more than just a coming of age story. A fascinating premise and covering multiple subjects that intrigue me… looking forward to seeing if this show can live up to some pretty awesome sounding potential!

“A one man show written and performed by Daniel Llewelyn-Williams.

A Regular Little Houdini, set in Newport, South Wales at the turn of the last century, is a coming of age story. A tenacious young boy from the docks idolizes Houdini and commits himself to a life of magic. But the harsh reality of working class life in Edwardian Britain gets in the way. Regardless, he trains himself to emulate his hero’s magic tricks and escapology on the town’s famous landmarks while his toiling family struggle to accept their son’s eccentricity. As he matures our boy finds himself an integral part of the most significant and terrifying events of British industrial history and his personal journey intersects with the great showman himself. With his hero’s guidance, he fights against conformity, in the mud and the filth, against the irrepressible tide of responsibility, to balance childhood folly and humanity with the cynicism of adulthood. It’s a story of youthful imagination and joie de vivre, with a very real vein of jeopardy brought about by the dangers of daily life in a ruthless Edwardian dock town. It’s a beautiful tale of hope and magic inspired by the author’s own family stories and of course, the real life visits of Houdini to Wales.”

Absolute Zero  (this sounds like a very haunt like story)

One of the strongest aspects of the Fringe Festival is the chance to see a wide range of variety from show to show. With some planning, you can see multiple performances in a single day, ranging wildly in style and tone. My third pick seems to be a heavy drama with some creepy overtones titled “Absolute Zero.” A kidnapping tale that is having its world premiere at the Festival, this is one of those adventurous choices you can make at the Fringe… based on summary alone, I want to go on this journey!

“In an unusually cold summer, recently divorced 32 year-old Jim falls in love with 17 year-old Charles upon first sight. Obsessed with Charles, Jim longs for the opportunity to interact with him. When Jim discovers that Charles is moving away for college, Jim decides to take matters into his own hands by kidnapping Charles before it is too late. Trapped in Jim’s basement, Charles has no choice but to engage in conversation with his kidnapper. Charles is lead through an existential journey that causes him to re-examine his relationships with his controlling girlfriend and aloof older brother, his role in life, and discover how it is that Lovers and Sad People always seem to hold up the World.


Mike’s top picks

The Toxic Avenger Musical

I LOVE my Troma! The Toxic Avenger is a cult classic. It’s one of the greatest b-movies ever! Take that and then add music to it and you have yourself a recipe for Amazing Sauce.

“A FRINGE FIRST FOR THIS OFF-BROADWAY HIT! Based on Lloyd Kaufman’s cult film and winner of the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Musical, THE TOXIC AVENGER MUSICAL is a charming love story of an unlikely hero, his beautiful blind girlfriend, a corrupt New Jersey mayor and two guys who play—well, everyone else—bullies, mobsters, old ladies, and stiletto-wearing back-up singers.”

The Truth

I love immersive events. Whether it’s theatre or a haunt or something else, being able to be a part of the bigger story just fascinates me. “The Truth” is being written and produced by people who also share this love.

““The Truth” is an immersive theatrical experience that will literally send guests on a walking journey through Hollywood. As an audience member, you will participate in the performance and play a role in the production itself.”

Bump in the Night Story of Monsters and Fools

I’m a sucker for shows like Ghost Adventures, Destination Truth, Fact or Faked..etc. So this one seems right up my alley! This sounds like such a fun one.

“The cast needs your help! They are hot on the trail of the Werewolf-Arachnid of East Hamburg, NJ but have lost their way in the dark. With your flashlight, you can shed some light on…
Their fears…
Their secrets…
…on the frightening and hilarious “monsters” within them that make them just like us…human.

Inspired by shows like “Destination Truth” and “Ghost Hunters,” BUMP IN THE NIGHT takes a light-hearted, but honest look at the stories, lies and secrets we tell ourselves and each other when we are scared. As the cast fumbles around in the literal dark looking for a “werewolf-arachnid,” we will use our flashlights to illuminate their laughter and their pain.”


Other things we’re interested in and plan to check out

Simon Coronel Alien of Extraordinary Ability

“2015 Hollywood Fringe Award nominee, Australian illusionist Simon Coronel returns to the Hollywood Fringe. Featuring an amazing blend of illusion, theatre, comedy, and music, this is an hour of entertainment that will change the way you see reality itself.

With a unique blend of comedy, theatre and magic, Simon has the audience rolling in the aisles with laughter, gasping with amazment and gripping the chairs in anticipation. Simon is also the recent winner of “Highly Commended New Work” at the Short+Sweet Theatre Festival, and has been nominated for multiple performance awards at festivals world wide.”

Nilbog – The unauthorized Musical Parody of Troll 2

“Welcome to NILBOG! (That’s GOBLIN spelled backwards.) Troll 2, the BEST worst movie ever, is now a live interactive musical!

Featuring a killer original soundtrack including We’re All Vegetarians in Nilbog, You Can’t Piss on Hospitality and Damn You Stonehenge, this wild new Best Worst Musical will have you screaming, OH MY GOOOOOOOOD!”

Alien Vs Musical (We saw this last year and it was our favorite out of everything!)

“What happens when the world of musical theatre meets the most terrifying and destructive alien in all cinema history? Combining the spectacle and wonderment of a broadway musical with the gruesome horror of extra-terrestrial mayhem and terror, ALIEN VS. MUSICAL will find its way to your heart… literally!”

A(partment 8)

“Take a walk in someone else’s skin in this fully immersive theatrical experience. One audience member per performance. Morbid and disturbing with a twinge of black humor.

The first in 26 site specific interactive theater pieces.

10 min run time. PWYC w/ fully refundable $30 deposit.


There are Monsters

“Set in the distant future, two Astronauts complete a five year mission and crash land “home”. Everything seems normal but the longer they are there the more they begin to realize that the “Monsters” they were told to fear in their childhoods are all too real.

It’s the 90’s The Outer Limits meets the 21st Century.

An original play by Washington, D.C. scribe Robert R. Long II, challenges the perceptions of family, love and acceptance.”

Take Another Look

“Take Another Look is the story of Margaret Turner’s murder and how six people from all walks of life become involved in Turner’s investigation. It is a story of the battle between good and evil and a manifestation of how we cannot look inside of a stranger without possibly being wrong. The play will raise a number of social and legal issues and due to its immersive nature will inspire change. Prepare to be unprepared.”

Winter Is Coming (For you GoT fans)

“A musical parody of “Game of Thrones” following the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens through Season One. With such songs as “I’m in Love with my Twin Sister”, “Wine and Whores” and the title song “Winter is Coming”. From the team that brought you “The Video Games”.”

Hello World!

“VIRTUAL REALITY AND MIME! International Theater Company, Rook, gets cutting edge. We’re stitching our world together from the pieces that VR leaves behind. Puppets, Shadow, Flashlight, VR, Combat, and World Premiere Contraptions. By Rook Theater and Second Screen Reality, VR Event Producers.”

Broadway Noir

“Peel back the curtains and go behind the scenes into the shady inner workings of the theatre business. Follow two of New York’s finest detectives as they investigate the disappearance of Broadway’s brightest new star. Eavesdrop as they interrogate bumbling producers, caffeine-crazed directors, and mirror-hungry actors, in this one-of-kind original musical comedy. Come for the spectacle, get lost in the mystery, leave with…well… we can’t tell you how it ends, that’s the point”

Toiley T Paper – Roll Model

“Puppeteer Grant Baciocco (Jim Henson Company, Mystery Science Theatre 3000) and Orlando Fringe Veteran John B. deHaas (Just This Once, Theme Park Diva) bring you Toiley T. Paper: Roll Model! A hilarious 40 minutes of music, comedy, and puppets with attitude that skewers the Hollywood fame machine. You’ll never look at a roll of toilet paper the same way again!”

Tony Danza’s Letters to Tupac

“When Tupac Shakur went to prison, Tony Danza saw a stranger in need of a friend and wrote him a letter. Tupac wrote back, beginning a correspondence for the ages. Presenting this intimate tete-a-tete between two giants of the 20th Century is Mr. Danza himself. …presented by Steven Benaquist.”

Not Another Horror Story

““Not Another Horror Story” is a Horror Comedy which parodies American Horror Story as well as other popular modern horror films. The story is centered around 5 college students who become trapped in John Herald’s Manor while seeking shelter from a storm as they searched for the cabin they rented for Spring Break. The house appears to be abandoned but the residents are only seen when they want to be, two of which happen to be Pageant models who work for the Lady of the House (the Countess). The girls try their very hardest to capture the children for the Countess but become easily distracted by other things on their mind. For instance, the wrath of John Sr. Everyone seems to be afraid of him, a terrifying figure in the night, but little do they know he’s not the one they should be fearing. The young adults’ true colors really begin to reveal when facing danger or even death. Will the girls be able to complete their task? Will the kids make it out alive? Can they protect each other when they really need to? Probably not. I guess you’ll have to see.”


“You’ll experience the fun side of ESP, with jaw-dropping feats of mind-reading in a show for adult audiences (18+). Features a human mindreader and an interactive cartoon character that appears on a TV screen and talks with the audience, actually reading their thoughts. Packed with fun, laughs and seriously mind blowing experiments, “Mind2Mind” will leave you absolutely astonished!”

Live from the Grave, it’s John Belushi

“This show delves into John’s journey to the mainstage of Second City Chicago and carries the audience to the pinnacle of his fame before the gifts which made him great became his undoing.

Featuring digital, scripted vignettes, sketch improv scenes, and a live band, this story aims to educate and share John’s story of a generational talent, who opened the door for today’s comedic actors with a blue print of what (and what not) to do to achieve international success in America’s entertainment industry.”

Monster Beautiful the Musical

No description is available for this, but the key words are amazing (horror, dark, death, musical, theater)
A string of execution-style homicides, a struggling Chinese restaurant, and a bag of shit will have you laughing off the edge of your seat in this whodunit dark comedy of epic proportions.

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