Episode 7 – The Blackout Tribute and Interview with Josh Randall

Blackout … Blackout Haunted House … The Blackout Experience

So much can be said about this haunt/immersive theater piece. Blackout was, and still is, a game changer for the haunt world. Russell and Mike talk about the first time they went through and the impact it’s had on their life.

As an amazing plus – Blackout Co-creator Josh Randall sits down with Mike for an hour plus interview to discuss all things Blackout.

Blackout has a ton going on right now. The Blackout Experiments documentary was just debuted at Sundance, Los Angeles off season starts next week (March 4th, 2016), and anyone in the US can participate in Blackout 21, which is happening right now!


If you’re a Blackout survivor, you will love this podcast. If Blackout is something new to you, you will love to hear what it’s all about. Enjoy!


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