The Bunker Experience
Things have slowed down a bit since the back to back Halloween conventions of Midsummer Scream and ScareLA. Right now, we’re in the eye of the hurricane before haunt season goes full blast. Even though we’re in a lull, we were still able to check a few new things out! […]

Episode 19 – The Calm Before the Haunt Storm

Scare LA 7
Episode 18 – Scare LA! Scare LA just finished their 4th year of Halloween and horror goodness! This convention was jam packed full of haunts, panels, and fun! After Midsummer Scream, we wondered if this town is big enough for two Halloween/Horror/Haunt conventions. The answer, in our opinion, is a […]

Episode 18 – Scare LA!

Midsummer Scream 1
Episode 16 – Midsummer Scream! Midsummer Scream came and went this past weekend. The anticipation, curiosity, and wonderment we all felt leading up to it was all worth it. This was such a good and fun convention. There was such a good mix of all things haunts, horrors, escapes, and […]

Episode 16 – Midsummer Scream!

The Funhouse at Cross Roads Escape Games
Part 2 of Episode Lucky 13 is here. We talk about our experience with Blackout 21 – Chapter 3, we go horror camping at the Great Horror Campout, Mike time travels with Ves Corp, we have fun in the sun at the AbraCadaver swap, we summarize our top picks from […]

Episode Lucky 13 – Part 2 – Horror Camping, Time ...

Episode 12 – Part 2 – Russell’s Haunt Noises Part 2 of Episode 12! We talk about Blackout and the beginning of 21’s Chapter 3. The Blackout Experiments releases a new, terrifying trailer and gives us a peek at Russell’s haunt noises. Russell goes on a haunted house call. We […]

Episode 12 – Part 2 – Russell’s Haunt Noises

Blackout … Blackout Haunted House … The Blackout Experience So much can be said about this haunt/immersive theater piece. Blackout was, and still is, a game changer for the haunt world. Russell and Mike talk about the first time they went through and the impact it’s had on their life. […]

Episode 7 – The Blackout Tribute and Interview with Josh ...

In part 2 of our Haunt Season review, we talk about our out of town trips to see Freakling Brothers in Las Vegas and Blackout and a few others in San Francisco. We talk about the home haunts we were able to check out such as The Klownhouse, The Haunted […]

Episode 5 – The Haunt Season Review Part 2!