Tales from Tomorrow

Hollywood Fringe Zoe Escapade Games Force of Nature Productions Zombie Joes Urban Death Order of Bileth Speakeasy Sociey
Fringe Picks, Zoe’s Escape Room, Tales from Tomorrow, Urban Death, Order of Bileth, and Johnny the Living In this episode, we highlight some of our Hollywood Fringe Fest picks. we enter the scary world of Zoe at Escapade Games, a new escape room in Fullerton. Russell checks out Tales from […]

Episode 51 – Part 1 – Fringe Picks, Zoe’s ...

My Haunt Life Podcast Episode 45 ABC Project Covell SFS Theatre Firelight Zombie Joes Tortured Souls The Tension Lust Experience
C(ovell), Firelight, Tortured Souls, and The Tension Experience Book Release Party In this episode, we return to ABC Project‘s C(ovell) and get to see our complicated family one more time. We experience the different facets of love and being in love in SFS Theatre‘s “Firelight”. Then we head to Purgatory […]

Episode 45 – C(ovell), Firelight, Tortured Souls, and The Tension ...