ABC Project Haunted Studio Hamlet Mobile

Episode 33 – Barbershops, Haunted Recording Studio Escapes, and Hamlet Mobile

Barbershops, Haunted Studio Escapes, and Hamlet Mobile

In this episode, Hamlet Mobile comes to a close, we try to escape the Haunted Recording Studio. Then we head over to ABC Project‘s “(B)arbershop” and get immersed to the point that we forget we’re in a show! Russell heads to New York and gets to see a couple shows. The new Box of Dread comes in and we let you know about some extensions and new dates added for things you will want to see like Zombie Joe‘s “Blood Alley”, Delusion, and Speakeasy Society‘s “The Key”! Also, The Lust Experience site is updated and added all of their social media links!



Links to what we spoke about:

Hamlet Mobile – Website, Twitter

Haunted Recording Studio Escape Room – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Virtual Reality Live – Website

USE CODE “HAUNTED” on either site and get 10% off!

Barbershop/ABC Project – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Go Fund Me

Box of Dread – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Blood Alley at Zombie Joes – December 2nd – 17th – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Delusion – Through December 11th – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Speakeasy Society – December 2nd and 3rd – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tickets

The Lust Experience – Coming Soon! – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Sunspots Comics – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

And don’t forget to check out the My Haunt Life Forums!

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