The Key

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes I Expect You To Die Heretic
I Expect You To Keep Talking in Virtual Reality Happy New Year! In this first episode of 2017, we have story time with Russell and a fun spin on what Mike is(n’t) looking forward to this year. We get to play 2 AMAZING VR puzzle/escape games called “I Expect You […]

Episode 38 – I Expect You To Keep Talking During ...

ABC Project Haunted Studio Hamlet Mobile
Barbershops, Haunted Studio Escapes, and Hamlet Mobile In this episode, Hamlet Mobile comes to a close, we try to escape the Haunted Recording Studio. Then we head over to ABC Project‘s “(B)arbershop” and get immersed to the point that we forget we’re in a show! Russell heads to New York […]

Episode 33 – Barbershops, Haunted Recording Studio Escapes, and Hamlet ...