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My Haunt Life Podcast Episode 48 Part 1 The Fools Festival Evil Genius Escape Rooms Scout Expedition Company The Nest Box of Dread Monsterpalooza Speakeasy Society Kansas Collection The Door Chapter 3
The Fools Festival, Evil Genius Escape Rooms, The Nest, and The Door Episode 48 will be split up into two parts. The first part will be reviews of all the things we’ve done recently and the second part will be all about The Lust Experience and what’s happened since our […]

Episode 48 – Part 1 – The Fools Festival, Evil ...

The Funhouse at Cross Roads Escape Games
Part 2 of Episode Lucky 13 is here. We talk about our experience with Blackout 21 – Chapter 3, we go horror camping at the Great Horror Campout, Mike time travels with Ves Corp, we have fun in the sun at the AbraCadaver swap, we summarize our top picks from […]

Episode Lucky 13 – Part 2 – Horror Camping, Time ...

Episode 12 – Part 2 – Russell’s Haunt Noises Part 2 of Episode 12! We talk about Blackout and the beginning of 21’s Chapter 3. The Blackout Experiments releases a new, terrifying trailer and gives us a peek at Russell’s haunt noises. Russell goes on a haunted house call. We […]

Episode 12 – Part 2 – Russell’s Haunt Noises