Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror 2015 Dates Added

There’s a saying that goes “No rest for the wicked” and this year, Freakling Brothers is proving that. They are open 23 days straight this October! 23 days! From October 9th through Halloween, you can stop by any night you want and be able to go through the Trilogy of Terror! If anyone is up to the task of doing this, it’s them.

Freakling is one of our favorite haunts. Even though they’re in Las Vegas, they are DEFINITELY worth the trip.

Ticket information is as follows

The New Show (To be unveiled at Scare LA this weekend) – $14

Castle Vampyre – $14

Gates of Hell (Rated R, must be 18, and sign a waiver) – $15

Freak Pass (All 3 shows) – $35 (savings of $8 compared to buying each show separately)

Fast Pass – $10 additional, but the fast pass is a souvenir t-shirt! What a deal!


You can find out more information on Freakling Brothers at their website or Facebook.




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