In part 2 of our Haunt Season review, we talk about our out of town trips to see Freakling Brothers in Las Vegas and Blackout and a few others in San Francisco. We talk about the home haunts we were able to check out such as The Klownhouse, The Haunted […]

Episode 5 – The Haunt Season Review Part 2!

Haunt Season has come and gone and Russell and I talk about what we went to, what we loved, what we hated and all that fun stuff. In Part 1, we talk about the Los Angeles/Orange County haunts we went to. You can hear about Fear is What We Learned […]

Episode 4 – The Haunt Season Review Part 1!

The Freakling Brothers Horror Shows in Las Vegas has created an extreme haunt event that leaves a deep emotional mark on patrons. Before jumping into this, I suggest reading Mike’s take on his Victim Experience this year.  Much of what he wrote expresses my opinion on how to approach this […]

Freakling Brothers Victim Experience – Entering Purgatory

My Freakling Brothers “Victim Experience” Experience As I’m writing this, the other half of My Haunt Life is getting mentally prepared to go through The Victim Experience. Unfortunately, due to our schedules, we couldn’t be there for one another. I went on Friday night and am proud to say that […]

My Freakling Brothers “Victim Experience” Experience

“Tales of Halloween” offers ten loved-filled tributes to Halloween and is this seasons best treat! Do you remember Halloween? No, no. Not in general, I mean specifically the Halloween in your past. Do you remember your favorite things? Was it trick-or-treating? Was it sorting your candy to find the best […]

“Tales of Halloween” Wears its Bloody Heart on its Sleeve

A picture that captures one paragraph of a classic piece of literature? An instruction to search those books for missing words or phrases just out of view? An audio download that contains a stilted series of numbers being repeated over and over? All of these things compromised the first few […]

Review of Alone: Index of Reflection