Episode 8 – Escapes, Magicians, Immersives, and Questions

In Episode 8, we talk about the latest and newest escape rooms we’ve done. We talk about Cross Roads Escape Games “The Hex” room, Escape Room LA’s newest room, “The Alchemist”, and Captured LA’s room, “The Starlet Killer”. Russell goes through the birthing process in “What We Learned Here’s” newest show – Parturition and also goes to a seance at Sinister Pointe. We Borrowed Time with an award winning magician. Mike goes to Orange County for immersive ghost stories at “The Plummer Project”. We talk about the new kid in town, “Wild Art” and their immersive production of “H&G – A Public Outcry”. We also go to the library for Haunted East Los Angeles. Finally, we get confused with wonder and excitement with The Tension Experience.


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