Evil Dead the Musical

Cross Roads Back in Time Escape Fox in a Box Escape Artistry Avalon Hill Black Button Eyes
Cross Roads Escape Games, Back in Time Escape Rooms, Fox in a Box, Escape Artistry, Avalon Hill, and Black Button Eyes In this episode, we get admitted to “The Psych Ward”, Cross Roads Escape Games‘ newest room. Russell tries to remove names from Santa’s Naughty List at Back in Time […]

Episode 88 – Cross Roads, Back in Time Escape, Fox ...

Dark Arts Drunken Devil Curse of the Jungle Drums The Willows Creep LA The Lust Experience The Midnight Commission Evil Dead the Musical
Dark Arts, Drunken Devil’s Curse of the Jungle Drums, The Willows, The Lust Experience and The Midnight Commission, Evil Dead the Musical In this episode, we talk about going back for our crisis management consultation with the Dark Arts Finale. Russell dances with the devil at Drunken Devil‘s “Curse of […]

Episode 59 – Dark Arts, Drunken Devil, The Willows, Lust ...