In this episode, we get caught up on the shows we’ve seen and things we’ve done over the last couple of months. We both had family emergencies and had to travel back to Mississippi and Massachusetts for a month each and due to those travels, a lot of these shows/reviews […]

Episode 75 – Catching Up From Life

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes I Expect You To Die Heretic
I Expect You To Keep Talking in Virtual Reality Happy New Year! In this first episode of 2017, we have story time with Russell and a fun spin on what Mike is(n’t) looking forward to this year. We get to play 2 AMAZING VR puzzle/escape games called “I Expect You […]

Episode 38 – I Expect You To Keep Talking During ...

My Haunt Life at Spookshow
In Episode 9 of the My Haunt Life Podcast, we give you an update on our experiences with The Tension Experience. There’s a new mystery in town that you should check out called Ves Corp. We were infected by The Virus and were Trapped in a Room with a Zombie […]

Episode 9 – We’re All Over the Place