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Summer Camp is a rollicking horror film that swiftly and cleverly destroys every cliché it seems to embrace. Suffering from a ill-fitting title, Summer Camp leads you down a familiar path then sucker punches you with a thrill ride of twists, turns and sneak attacks that move quickly to a […]

Summer Camp Destroys Horror Clichés in The Name of Fun ...

(Please Note:  There are MILD spoilers contained within the slightly rambling thought process that follows.) Horror is personal.  That is key to what frightens each of us.  Often I have conversations with friends where they mention how scary a movie is for them and when I see it, the film […]

The Revenant as Horror Movie – Splashing Red Across Multiple Genres 

A Sundance Film Festival Review “Carnage Park” tells the tale of a woman, Vivian, taken hostage in a bank robbery that goes awry. Once out of town, the lead robber, Scorpion Joe, does his best to work his charm on his lovely hostage while attempting to form a plan that […]

“Carnage Park” Takes The Kidnap Genre into Familiar Slasher Territory

A Sundance Film Festival Review Rob Zombie’s newest horror film, “31,” confirms the director has a flare for carnage and a good eye for interesting set pieces, a slightly improving sense of emotion and an unwillingness to transcend the thing that inspires him – 70’s horror cinema. “31” is a […]

Rob Zombie’s “31” – A New Film That Brings Back ...